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Alphabet introduces next milestone in Corporate CarSharing

  • Our innovative product AlphaCity is now available for multiple makes
  • Furthermore EVs and LCVs can be integrated into the tailor-made solution
  • AlphaCity covers not only Corporate CarSharing but also Business Parks, Hotel- and Residential CarSharing
  • All new AlphaGuide integrates AlphaCity booking platform for centralised, streamlined portable mobility and reference tool
  • More than seven years of experience makes Alphabet the leader in Corporate CarSharing

MUNICH/11/06/2018 – Customers of the innovative Business Mobility provider Alphabet can now profit from a broader range of vehicles on the CarSharing platform AlphaCity. This enhancement better enables the customer individual mobility needs, as the product is now multi-make with a completely redesigned booking platform. Until now, AlphaCity was exclusively featured in BMW and MINI vehicles. Now with multiple makes to choose from, companies have keyless access to cars from the small car segment up to premium cars and LCVs. In addition, AlphaCity clients can seamlessly choose EVs with from various brands in their fleets. Alphabet developed a mobility ecosystem that goes far beyond “only” Corporate CarSharing. For instance, the innovative product provides an assortment of different use cases such as Hotel and Business Parks, Residential CarSharing, Replacement Vehicles and more.

Expanding and enhancing AlphaCity was a logical next step for the fleet management company, which aims to create products and solutions that perfectly meet organisations, business’s mobility needs: “We continue offering our clients the best-fit Business Mobility solution for their company. Improving our highly-successful product AlphaCity is our latest way of doing so”, says Carsten Kwirandt, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Alphabet International.

AlphaCity meets the all new AlphaGuide

A further development sees AlphaCity bookings being integrated into the enhanced AlphaGuide app. “The new feature advances AlphaGuide to the next level of user experience,” Carsten Kwirandt continues. “From today, users have the option to book their vehicles in a few easy steps using the app, while enjoying all of the other mobility features of our app at their fingertips.” 

Nothing changes for users of a leasing vehicle – they still have direct access to their contract data. Moreover, the new AlphaGuide design that improves the user experience with faster flows and an enhanced look and feel.

To find the AlphaCity section, users simply open the all new AlphaGuide app and select AlphaCity from the menu. Users can book a car for business and private purposes according to the company rules and see all upcoming bookings in detail as well as pick-up location, price, date and time (car details, data privacy and terms of use). Furthermore, users can access and cancel current bookings and use the search function of station based vehicles. AlphaCity app users who are not yet using AlphaGuide are encouraged to make the switch since the AlphaCity app will be replaced beginning June 11th, 2018. 

Leader in Corporate CarSharing

This next-level CarSharing offer is already available to clients in eight markets. With seven years of experience in Corporate CarSharing development and operations, Alphabet consults and supports there customers throughout the whole implementation process to ensure a smooth transition. With the fully automated solution, administrative efforts are reduced drastically by saving fleet managers time and cost and keeps employees mobile. In summary, the new features ensure AlphaCity can be tailored to most user requirements, meaning a suitable Business Mobility solution is possible in the AlphaCity markets.

Launched in 2011, AlphaCity quickly positioned Alphabet as a frontrunner and innovator in the Corporate CarSharing market. In the last seven years, AlphaCity has grown to encompass 21,000 active users in eight markets, solidifying Alphabet’s pole position.

Watch the interview about corporate carsharing with Christoph Wachtmeister, Product Manager AlphaCity at Alphabet International on:

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About Alphabet

Alphabet is a leading provider of Business Mobility in Europe, Australia and China. As such, it enables companies to manage their corporate mobility in an economical and sustainable way. Founded in 1997 as a division of BMW Group, Alphabet has extensive knowledge of international fleet management and leasing. Its comprehensive portfolio includes consulting and funding as well as smart management products and services for company fleets. Alphabet’s Business Mobility solutions are tailor-made to meet specific corporate requirements. Today, Alphabet manages a portfolio of over 680,000 leased cars and light commercial vehicles of all makes and is ranked fourth in the market worldwide. Alphabet also pioneers the creation of Advanced Mobility Solutions: AlphaElectric offers companies a holistic approach to eMobility, AlphaCity is the efficient Corporate CarSharing option, the mobility app for smartphones, AlphaGuide, makes life easier for its users and AlphaFlex, the individual, flexible mobility solution, gives employees choices and companies full cost control. Alphabet has its headquarters in Munich, Germany and is now represented in 21 countries. For more information, please visit