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Financial Lease

What is Financial Lease?

Your company would like to invest in new assets and equipment including cars. Alphabet's Financial Lease offers you vehicle acquisition with fixed monthly payments at competitive rates. The tax relief for depreciation could be financially more favourable than claiming capital allowance.

With Financial Lease, we purchase new cars for you and you lease them at a fixed monthly rate. Once you’ve made your vehicle selection, we assess your monthly fee, taking the leasing term, mileage and the residual value of the vehicles into account.

The residual, or anticipated resale value, is fixed at the beginning of the lease. However, at the end of the lease, if the residual value is lower than agreed, you pay the shortfall. In a nutshell: with a Financial Lease, Alphabet takes care of the funding, sourcing and resale, and you benefit from new cars, our fleet expertise and tax incentives.