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Should you switch to electric? The eMobility advice tool gives you the answer

Still driving a petrol-fuelled car, but seriously wondering if an electric or plug-in hybrid one might be the smarter choice? The online eMobility advice tool knows the answer. Developed by an expert team here at Alphabet, the tool helps drivers worldwide to easily answer the question: Which type of vehicle – combustion, electric or plug-in hybrid – best suits your daily commute or daily car use?

This is critical because whether or not eMobility makes sense depends on a number of factors that vary from driver to driver. Actually, alternate-fuelled vehicles can be counterproductive if not used correctly. That’s why it’s essential to know if it’s worth it in terms of costs, carbon emissions and convenience (charging) before you prematurely sign up for hybrid when your lease is up. The eMobility advice tool considers all these factors and makes a recommendation for each driver on a case-by-case basis.

Passes the test
Curious if my own daily commute is suitable for an electric or hybrid car – I decided to test it. My first impression in a nutshell: super easy! The straightforward questions, which I needed around 10 minutes to answer – pertain to your personal driving style (economical, normal, sporty), where you live and work, and the route you drive. Easy to use from start to finish, the tool guides you through every step and helps answer questions, if necessary. After filling in the fields, I got my answer: a plug-in hybrid is my best match.

All at a glance
At the end of the calculation I didn’t only receive my best match, but also a detailed report document. This PDF is ready to download and gives an overview on your ideal vehicle type, the calculation method and your driving routes. The report is ideal for discussing your eMobility potential with the responsible fleet manager.

Unique on the market
There’s a lot of buzz at Alphabet about the new eMobility advice tool. Rightfully so because there’s nothing else like it on the market! We’re also delighted by the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the tool from drivers and fleet managers (FMs). On the one hand, drivers appreciate an easy way to determine if eMobility is right for them – based on their personal information and habits, rather than educated guesses. On the other, FMs are relieved of the complex task of evaluating whether or not a driver should switch to EVs. It’s a win-win for everyone.


What does your result look like? Surprised by your potential for eMobility?