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Company cars to suit every preference

Company cars to suit every preference

Choosing a new company car can be overwhelming and take up precious time to research the advantages and drawbacks of different vehicles. Whether you’re looking to branch out from a traditional family station wagon or considering an eco-friendly drive, Alphabet has the right car for every need, budget and style and even caters to those looking for something with a little more flair and excitement.

Compact and sleek SUVs
There are several reasons why SUVs remain a popular choice, with extra seating and cargo capacity attracting families and travellers. The option of an all-wheel drive, such as the BMW XDrive feature, also continues to be an appeal for many who wish to be able to distribute the traction to the front wheels, allowing for better navigation through rough terrain, off-road and winter driving conditions.

So, let’s start with the BMW X2. Since 2018, the Bavarian car has consistently proven its worth among compact SUVs. Compared to its sister model X1, it comes with a flat roof and an even more dynamic design. And as connoisseurs will know, with its BMW logo in the C-pillar, it is distinctly reminiscent of the legendary BMW coupés of the E9 series from the 60s and 70s.

The Range Rover Evoque also offers a compact form and sleek design. The English car is now in the second generation of its series and has lost none of its charm. With a compact body, a roof in contrasting colours and pillars clad in black, it is one of the beauties among compact SUVs – and a chic company car alternative. Not to mention, it’s the first and only compact SUV that is also available as a convertible.

Sexy electric cars
Long gone are the days when Tesla was the sole manufacturer of eye-catching electric vehicles. The Jaguar I-Pace promises characteristic SUV driving fun, in a fully electric model. The “Car of the Year 2019” is the brand’s first electric car offering, which is also being used by taxis in Munich. Similar to the BMW i3, the I-Pace is a good example of the fact that electric mobility enables completely new vehicle designs. The condensed front cover, opposed to the classic long Jaguar hood, allows for a roomier interior and thus more space for passengers and luggage, whilst maintaining a relatively compact exterior.

Also diving headfirst into the world of electrification, comes Audi’s e-Tron. Yet another fully electric SUV model offering ample space for everyday life, long-range capability and a 150 kW charging setup capable of charging 80 percent of the battery in just around half an hour, making it a strong contender for drivers who travel long distances.

Another way to go electric is to look into fuel-cell technology options. The selection is still limited, but three Asian manufacturers are already in the race – Honda and Toyota with the Clarity and Mirai sedans and Hyundai with the Nexo SUV. Long charging times are eliminated with these electric vehicles, because drivers simply need to refuel the cars with hydrogen. Well, perhaps not quite so simply, as hydrogen fuel stations are still rather scarce. However, for those who do happen to have a station nearby, the question remains: SUV or sedan?

SUVs that stand out from the crowd
The MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid offers sustainable SUV mobility. With its stylish, chic design, it stands out from the crowd of compact SUVs and is thus a unique option for user choosers – one which simultaneously protects the environment and the wallet.

Those who like SUVs with classic combustion engines will find what they are looking for with DS Automobiles, the premium brand from Groupe PSA. The French car also stands out with its individual contours and captivating charm. And those who choose to drive it certainly don’t run the risk of having “their” car on every street corner.

The sedan is still alive
What should not be forgotten about amidst all this SUV boom: classic sedans continue to hold their appeal and are still in demand. In this category, there are also models that provide for a unique ride and something different to routine cars.

One example comes from Italy. The Alfa Romeo Giulia combines a big name with exciting design and agile driving pleasure. The Lexus ES is yet another sedan that is not very commonplace. New to the market, the 2019 Lexus ES catches the attention of customers with its distinct design – and boasts a standard hybrid drive. And standing the test of time is, of course, the BMW 3 Series, which has just been nominated Lease Car of the Year 2019. In its seventh generation, the contoured bonnet offers a modern interpretation of the three-box design, with a strong visual front that maintains the iconic kidney grille.

The choice of attractive company cars is therefore endless. Whether an estate car, sedan or SUV, there is something for everyone. And even those who want to move from A to B in a particularly environmentally friendly way can choose from increasingly more attractive cars. So, go ahead: the configurator is just waiting for you to build your personal dream car.