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Background check: Why sharing is caring and economic with AlphaCity

Background check: Why sharing is caring and economic with AlphaCity

CarSharing has gained a lot of popularity over the past decade. Most major cities offer it in one form or another as for many people, it simply makes sense. If you don’t need a car throughout the whole week, why invest in your own car and worry about parking, taxes, insurance and so on? While in the corporate world CarSharing is still a little less common, it here also holds a lot of advantages. This is why we have developed AlphaCity, our on-demand solution that allows companies to easily integrate CarSharing into their fleet or even opt for a fully shared one.

A UK case: How CityFibre hit the road with AlphaCity
CityFibre, UK’s largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre networks, has done exactly that. “Our in-field employees need to travel around the cities they’re based in quickly and easily, which is why we wanted to find the right partner to outsource our fleet management to“, Chris Stening, Consumer Director at CityFibre explains. AlphaCity proved to be the perfect fit and provided them with a pool of cars that can be shared by multiple employees as most journeys around the city will only take a few minutes. Meaning; CityFibre isn’t paying for unused, idle vehicles. The pool vehicles are trackable and easily accessible, allowing CityFibre’s dedicated employees to focus on inspiring and exciting new communities with transformational services. The initial fleet of six fully branded MINIs is already on the road. More vehicles and a long-term solution of a fully electrified fleet across the entire CityFibre business are in planning.

What else has AlphaCity to offer?
But AlphaCity does not only enable companies to provide flexible, convenient mobility. Just like in CityFibre’s case our AlphaCity solutions also come with a full business contract hire including maintenance, accident management and more. We take care of everything from implementation and employee registration to vehicle provision, servicing and cleaning. The employees are able to book and access the vehicles through an online system, utilising keyless entry. This feature is particularly important in a time when managing hygiene and distancing factors remain central to businesses and removes the risk of misplaced keys at handover.

Especially interesting are also the different application possibilities . Our AlphaCity customers are not limited to the “classic” corporate world. Pretty much any context where you want to provide employees or even costumers with cars could be a great opportunity to opt for CarSharing. We offer solutions to hotels, business parks, residential areas and so on, either in a lease-based or pay-per-use scheme. With more than 22.000 active AlphaCity users so far and very high loyalty rate it has proven to be a great mobility option for our customers.

Is it a match for your company, too? Let’s find out together!