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Background check: Consulting not only during COVID-19

Background check: Consulting not only during COVID-19

The world of business mobility has always been one that is moving fast. With the now unexpected turbulences called COVID-19, things have taken yet another turn and consultancy is more important than ever. Many business plans made for 2020 had to be rewritten or are currently on hold. As mobility is playing a key role in a businesses’ agility, we do everything to support you in #StartYourRestart. We would like to give you an insight into how we work to provide you with optimal solutions and thus with stability.

Giving you the answers you need
Our experienced consultants provide advice for customers across a wide range of industries and fleet operations. We always have an ear to the ground. The experience we’ve gatherd in the last 20 years helps us to predict and prevent emerging problems and find the right answers suitbale for your situation. Individual solutions have always been the core of our work. This philosophy is now more relevant than ever. Let us discuss what your business, your employees and your fleet require right now. Some of our consultants might be working remotely while others are back in the office -  but we are all here for you as per usual. Please feel free to contact them, whenever you need to. Have a look at our Alphabet Remote Logbook to get a glimpse into our remote working situation.

Flexible fleet management
New regulations, developments, trends and challenges. Electrification here, optimisation there, new opportunities to consider and KPIs to meet. What will your fleet look like in 5 years? Or in 10? Will there be a fleet at all? Or are there other solutions to think about? The world of business mobility is more complex than ever before. It’s not enough to only care about cost efficiency anymore. That’s why you need a strong and reliable partner on your side. A constant, in an ever-changing world. We combine fleet management and market expertise with future-proof mobility innovations. Together we will find an efficient approach to meet your specific challenges right now.

Analysing what is important now and in future
With our tracking tools like e.g. the Mobility Consultin Tool MCT and management technologies that evaluate and monitor your fleet, we get the most out of it for you. We understand that cost and efficiency are now even more important to you than usual. We deliver you the numbers you need to make the right decisions and aid you in the implementation. We are your independent partner who guides you towards the future of mobility – and on the journey in between.

Our consulting process
Fleet management, as we know it, will fundamentally change. Therefore, we will prepare you for this. It is important for us to meet you eye to eye – even if virtually right now – to get the best understanding for your needs. Together we figure out what mobility concepts work best for your business right now and create tailormade solutions that aid you in mastering this difficult time. Please be assured that you can count on us now and in future.

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