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Electric mobility for your car fleet

A new dimension of mobility

Nowadays, mobility is mostly associated with mobile devices and a wide array of possibilities, such as telephone, laptop, mobile applications, to name only few options that keep us on the move. As new technologies are being developed and our professional and private life speeds up, the definition of mobility reaches other areas of our every-day reality.

For us, as a provider of comprehensive funding and car fleet management services, mobility also has another dimension. A quite large one, as it is of the size of a passenger car, but still no less important for you to move freely to any place you need to go in pursuit of your daily business.

eMobility - revolution on the wheels

Motorisation is an area of rapid changes. Corporate car fleets offer ample room for testing how to optimise mobility in the business environment. At the moment, we are witnessing an advancing technological change that systematically drives the development of electric and hybrid solutions on our roads. We can expect that the number of traditional internal combustion engines in our cars will gradually decrease over the years, being replaced by alternative drives.

In the dawning era of noiseless, zero-emissions vehicles, this notion deserves its own definition, such as "electromobility".


AlphaElectric is the first comprehensive service on the Polish market, which is dedicated to car fleets and lets the drivers enjoy the unlimited potential of electromobility.

Electric fleet in four steps

With the four-step AlphaElectric service concept in place, each Alphabet Client can choose environmentally friendly vehicles from our offer to meet their individual needs and expectations.

Fleet analysis

The analysis of potential for using electric cars in the fleet is carried out not only in view of each Client's needs, but primarily on the basis of specific geometric data about the Client's fleet.

For this purpose, selected cars are furnished with GPS devices to track distances and routes that they cover. With such information in hand, Alphabet can tell which cars can be replaced with electric ones. Using precise data collected at this stage, we can simulate the implementation, which also covers such parameters as the level of costs and savings and the size of required charging infrastructure.

Choosing the right car

What is crucial in the process of creating an individual offer for electric vehicles is the choice of the right drive. Depending on the prospective area of use, we will offer you battery electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) or range-extended electric vehicles (REEV).

Innovative driving technologies deserve an innovative service. Our product offer is tailored to meet the needs of electric vehicle users and ensure a smooth operation of the company's car fleet.

BEVs are an ideal solution for those who want to demonstrate their eco-friendly approach. They derive all their power from their battery packs and have zero tail pipe emissions. They offer a range of 120 to 200 km and are ideally suited for urban driving, short and medium distances, when they can be regularly parked and re-charged.

REEVs have an additional combustion engine unit that, if needed, can generate power to charge the electric battery and thus extend the range up to 300-500 km. This is a concept well-suited for short-distance drivers who occasionally undertake long journeys.

PHEVs have an electric motor and an internal combustion engine that work paralelly. Their range has been extended to 500-1000 km, making it an ideal solution for those regularly driving long distances. Given that the electric battery installed in the plug-in hybrids can give a range of up to 80 km, the total consumption can be significantly reduced, for instance, while driving in the city.

Choosing the right infrastructure

With our comprehensive advisory services, our Clients know exactly which solution is best suited for their company - a wallbox with an overnight charging option or an intelligent station for fast recharging during lunchtime or perhaps a combination of them both?

Our team of experienced experts will accompany you though the entire process, starting with the first consultation, through the choice and installation and up to the launch of charging infrastructure. The professional maintenance and comprehensive assistance ensure a smooth and efficient use of the selected devices. With our integrated processes and experienced partners, we can provide you with the complete charging infrastructure and the vehicle at the same time. Consequently, our electric vehicles are ready for immediate use and can instantly become part of your business fleet.

Electric car services

Our Clients' employees are given an opportunity to learn about the electric vehicle technology before it is introduced to the corporate car fleet and thus can appreciate the benefits of this solution right from the start. Our dedicated AlphaElectric user and driver training provides all important information: from useful charging tips to everyday car operation. Consequently, your employees are perfectly prepared for the implementation of the electric car fleet.

Alphabet also provides ongoing assistance for the drivers, who can obtain quick help when they need it most, i.e. on the move. Through our special hotline, the electric vehicle users can contact our consultants, regardless of whether they want to order a tow truck service or obtain information about the nearest vehicle inspection centre.

With the AlphaGuide application, your drivers will always reach their destination without problems. It not only contains information about the nearest charging points or service centres, but has a GPS-enabled locator to help you quickly find the shortest way to your destination. Additional functions, such as a vehicle return checklist or accident reporting with a locator, make our application a perfect companion for any journey.