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Grundfos Pumps Ltd cuts costs and carbon footprint with Alphabet’s AlphaCity

17 April 2015 - Advanced pumping solutions provider, Grundfos Pumps Ltd., has cut their expenditure on daily rentals by 42 per cent with the help of Business Mobility specialist Alphabet.

Following consultation with Alphabet, Grundfos Pumps Ltd have introduced their Corporate CarSharing solution, AlphaCity, significantly reducing the amount of time and money they spend on managing their vehicles. This has enabled the company to refocus its efforts on increasing sales and servicing customers’ needs.

Since introducing the corporate car sharing system in November 2013, Grundfos Pumps Ltd has managed to decrease its daily rental spend by over £5,000, enhance visibility of when and where the car is being used at any given time, as well as remaining compliant, and improving their environmental footprint. Grundfos employees now utilise a BMW 320 EfficientDynamics, equipped with Alphabet’s AlphaCity Corporate CarSharing technology, for the majority of business journeys.

The AlphaCity vehicle remains on site at Grundfos’s Leighton Buzzard headquarters, providing multiple drivers with access, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through an electronic card system. Employees simply check availability, book the vehicle online and are ready to drive. Grundfos no longer have the worry about the physical management of the vehicles keys, booking process or their compliance with associated health and safety and financial legislation. By introducing AlphaCity these complexities and hassle have been removed.

Jason Funnell, Operations Director at market leader, Grundfos Pumps Ltd, says: “At Grundfos we’re responsible for 1.5 per cent of the world’s energy consumption, so it’s vital that we take steps to reduce our energy consumption and improve our carbon footprint where possible. AlphaCity has given us the ability to do this whilst simultaneously reducing time, stress and costs.”

Funnell continues: “Previously we were dependent on rental vehicles, which were not only time-intensive to manage, but there was no guarantee that the vehicle delivered would be environmentally friendly. Also due to the timing of business journeys, more often than not vehicles had to be delivered a day in advance, and returned a day after, tripling costs unnecessarily.”

Kit Wisdom, Head of Corporate Mobility at Alphabet adds: “Today, mobility for businesses and their employees is no longer merely about company cars, rental vehicles and their financing. It’s about providing a wide range of options for going from A to B, and optimising the total cost of mobility. New, flexible schemes such as AlphaCity Corporate CarSharing can not only help businesses avoid unnecessary environmental impact, but free up time and resource to focus on other areas of the business”.

Grundfos has been an Alphabet customer for over four years, benefitting from Alphabet’s rental services and consultative approach. There is potential for expansion of car sharing initiative, with the introduction of further cars at the other Grundfos locations in Birmingham, Leigh or Livingston.

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