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CarSharing journeys in UK with AlphaCity surge nearly 20% in 2017

18 December 2017 - For a second year in a row, Alphabet’s corporate, SME and public sector customers utilising AlphaCity vehicles within their fleets drove over one million ‘shared miles’ on British roads. Up to the end of November, AlphaCity vehicles had travelled 1,016,282 miles on UK roads as a result of 23,391 bookings by users (compared with 19,709 bookings for the same time last year). This means the average journey length for a shared vehicle has reduced to 43 miles, while each vehicle continues to average over 30 employee users per vehicle.

Daniel St.Claire, CarSharing & e-Mobility Manager at Alphabet commented: “With a range of low and zero emission BMW and MINI vehicles of various bodystyles now available with the CarSharing technology, fleets of all sizes are looking at AlphaCity as a solution to their short term mobility needs. This year the average CO2 output for the entire AlphaCity fleet is just over 100 g/km and with the increase in take-up of electric and hybrid vehicles the expectation is that this will decrease further. This year we’ve also added the new BMW 5 Series and MINI Countryman PHEV to the AlphaCity product line-up so there’s a vehicle to suit every business journey.”

Nick Butler, Alphabet’s Head of Mobility Services commented: “We’re really pleased to see that not only have our customers surpassed a million ‘shared miles driven’ again this year in their AlphaCity vehicles, but also thanks the dedication of the AlphaCity team and our field-based Mobility Consultants we’ve dramatically increased vehicle utilisation. Subsequently the number of journey bookings in shared-usage AlphaCity vehicles has increased by nearly 20%.

One of our first-ever AlphaCity customers is currently reporting 90% usage of their vehicles during working hours, which is a terrific achievement, particularly where utilisation of the vehicle fleet is a key measure of success for both for the organisation and for their employees. What is really pleasing for us is that across all our UK customers we’re achieving a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 9.61 out of 10 in terms of users’ likelihood to recommend the AlphaCity service to a friend or colleague after using it themselves. ‘Word of mouth’ and peer recommendations are invaluable for a new product or service and we’ve worked hard to ensure our customer service levels this year are a first class, premium experience.

Shared mobility requires a mindset shift in the industry and with fleet decision makers; it’s not about the sheer number of vehicles you have on fleet, it’s about how you use them to deliver more mobility with less vehicles. The key questions for successful shared mobility are around how often your vehicle assets are being employed, the number of people who can access them and ultimately the number of employee journeys which they are providing solutions for.

Looking forward into 2018, we’re keen to continue our innovation in this area with the expansion of our AlphaCity technology into ‘multi-make’ vehicles and also Light Commercial Vehicles following a successful trial earlier this year.”

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