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Zenvo Automotive makes Canadian public debut with Zenvo Canada dealer Weissach

Zenvo Automotive makes Canadian public debut with Zenvo Canada dealer Weissach

Zenvo Automotive made its public debut in Canada last weekend (Saturday 9 July) with recently appointed Zenvo Canada dealer, Weissach Group, at the Luxury & Supercar Show in British Columbia. Held at the popular riverside location of the Richmond Oval, Zenvo Canada showcased the Ishvid Perlemor (white) TSR-S, which also won the ‘Top Hyper Car’ award, to thousands of visitors on the day. The showcase at the Luxury & Supercar Show followed an exclusive private preview on Thursday 7 July to a handful of discerning hypercar owners.

Led by Weissach Group’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Kai Hensler, a seasoned professional well-versed in nurturing a client-centric business, Zenvo Automotive’s Canadian debut last weekend marks a new step in Weissach’s hypercar-focused future and Zenvo’s commitment to the growing supercar culture and audience in North America. The Weissach Group, which has previously represented luxury brands such as Bugatti, Lamborghini and Koenigsegg, also privately previewed the Zenvo TSR-S with a small, pre-qualified group of supercar and hypercar owners on Thursday 7 July.

Weissach Group was appointed as Zenvo Canada dealer in June 2022. With North America being the next natural step for Zenvo in its growth and expansion phase, following the Zenvo Denver US dealership opening last month (June 2022) in Colorado, the public unveiling of Zenvo in Canada further underpins the growth of the Danish hypercar brand.

Commenting on the Canadian debut, Pushkar Godambe, sales director at Zenvo Automotive, said: “What a welcome - from fans to collectors - Canada has already proven to be an amazing addition to our [Zenvo Automotive’s] worldwide dealer and sales cohort. Taking home the ‘Top Hyper Car’ award from the [Luxury & Supercar Show] event was the icing on the top of an incredible Canadian debut.

“Thank you to the [Zenvo] team in Denmark for the preparations and logistics for the debut, some of whom joined me at the Canadian events last week, and of course Asgar, Kai and the team at Weissach Group for their commitment to Zenvo Canada.”

Asgar Virji, President and CEO of Weissach Group, said: “It’s an honour to be responsible for taking a hand in making Zenvo’s Canadian debut. The private preview showcased the unbelievable build quality that Zenvo represents and the guests were truly blown away, especially with the hand crafted carbon fibre parts. The public debut, however, showed just how much brand recognition Zenvo has over in North America. Fans flocked to the TSR-S, represented by our team, and shared their pictures over social media.

“As I think I said before, Canada is a supercar heaven and ready to embrace all Zenvo Automotive has to offer. This further underpins this thinking and beliefs in the Zenvo brand, in Canada and beyond.”

Hand-built in Præstø, Denmark, Zenvo hypercars possess power outputs of over 1,177 bhp, and the flat-plane V8 power unit concealed within a sophisticated carbon fibre body is capable of a sub-7 second 0-200kph time. Zenvo is as dynamic with its performance as it is with its styling. With new products in line to be fully homologated for the Canadian market, and the TSR-S able to showcase exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, all designed in-house. Danish-developed Zenvo Automotive focuses on limited-edition hypercars, available to those interested in completely bespoke manufacturing experiences and unique driving abilities.

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