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Rented driveways slash cost for day trippers compared to train station car parks

Rented driveways slash cost for day trippers compared to train station car parks

Day trippers leaving their vehicles at train station car parks over the Easter holiday could pay three times as much in parking costs instead of choosing a nearby rented driveway.

The study by online parking portal revealed some stark price differences between train station car parks compared to nearby driveways and empty spaces available to rent on a daily basis and all within a 15 minute walk.

For instance, a day’s parking at York train station car park costs £17.00 for a daily booking during the week, while a driveway to rent is as little as £5.25 within a 5 minute stroll.

Moving south and a day’s parking at Cambridge station costs £12.50, compared to just £3.95 for a driveway 12 minutes’ stroll away.

Meanwhile, at Brighton a day ticket for the station parking is £15.40, compared to a driveway for just £6.88 and only 11 minutes’ walk away.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said: “The Easter break is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a day trip.

“However, the start of the journey can be one of the most expensive parts of the day if parking at a train station. Booking a nearby driveway can offer a cheaper alternative.”

Further north at Preston station and it is a similar story. The train station car park on a weekday costs £12.00 for the day, compared to just £3.75 for a driveway just over 10 minutes walking distance.

On the south coast at Bournemouth train station and a driveway 5 minutes’ walk away is available for £3.81 for the day compared to £8.10 for the train station car park.

Harrison added: “Empty driveways near town and city centres, especially near train stations, are always in high demand from car owners looking for cheaper parking. If you have an empty driveway that would be suitable as a parking space then you can list it for free with”

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