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Nissan Juke crowned as the used car with most appeal for drivers of all ages

Nissan Juke crowned as the used car with most appeal for drivers of all ages

QUIRKY crossover the Nissan Juke has emerged as the surprise car with the most universal appeal to drivers of all ages.

That's according to a new analysis of favourite models conducted by the online motor retail specialist

The finding reflects analysis of more than 10,000 used car sales over the past two years which sought to identify the most popular cars chosen by drivers at different stages in life.

The ten most popular purchases by younger, middle-aged and older drivers were identified and the Nissan Juke uniquely appears in the top ten cars for every age band of motorists - even more reliably than eternal favourites like the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Golf.

Remarkably, the Juke ranks fifth or sixth favourite choice for people up to the age of 34, from 35 to 44 year olds, those aged 45 to 54, 55 to 64 year olds and for the over 65s.

Other models also demonstrate evergreen appeal, but none make it into the top 10 for every age group of customers.

For example, Nissan's bigger crossover, the Qashqai, is a clear winner with all buyers from the age of 35 upwards and the Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta, Mercedes A-Class and Vauxhall Corsa put in a similar performance.

But the Juke - which was reportedly first planned as a car aimed squarely at a younger market - confounds expectations by appealing equally to the over 65s and all ages in between.

The analysis also reflects a genuine popularity for the cars that make it into the top ten for each age segment of motorists because it reports used car choices, rather than new cars that are often heavily promoted to win market share with special offers.

Austin Collins, Managing Director of, said: "When you talk to people about the Nissan Juke it's quirky appearance seems to attract as much scepticism as enthusiasm, but the sales figures don't lie.

"Although we were surprised to find the car that most appeals to the very broad range of online car buyers is the Juke, rather than more conventional cars like the Ford Focus or Fiesta, to rank 5th or 6th in every segment of customer ages is a real testament to its appeal.

"It certainly shows that a quirky product aimed at one segment of consumers can turn out to have much wider appeal than even its original designers expected."

Welcoming the findings, Kalyana Sivagnanam, managing director, Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd. Said: “The Nissan Juke’s bold styling, customisable design and innovative technologies have made it a firm favourite with UK customers. So much so that it has been the best-selling compact crossover since its 2010 launch.

“It’s great to see the car still holds universal appeal, no matter the age of driver, and this will put the model in very good stead as we look to the near future and its forthcoming replacement.”

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