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Heatwave drives charge for air con

Heatwave drives charge for air con

Kwik Fit sees demand for vehicle air conditioning recharge reach over 350% of last year’s level

Over the last week, Kwik Fit, the UK’s leading automotive servicing and repair company, has seen demand for air conditioning recharges more than triple as car owners have battled the unprecedented heat.

Despite lower traffic volumes, with drivers heeding advice not to travel if possible, last week Kwik Fit saw overall demand for air con services reach 354% of the equivalent figure for last year. Last Sunday, a group of the company’s centres covering the South East and East of England saw demand at more than ten times (1,090%) the same day last year.

The combination of the intense heat and the fact that around five million people who normally travel abroad are spending their summer holiday in the UK this year has focused many more drivers’ minds on ensuring their cars are as comfortable as possible in the hot weather.1

As well as servicing their air conditioning, Kwik Fit advises drivers to also consider a number of other checks to make sure their car is summer ready, including:

Tyres – check pressure, tread and condition.  One in five motorway breakdowns involve tyre issues2 – basic checks can help prevent an unwelcome start to a holiday

Coolant – make sure the level and strength is sufficient to stop engines overheating

Oil – engines have to work hard in hot weather, so it’s vital to have the right level and grade of oil

Screenwash – dry, hot roads get dusty very quickly, so drivers need to make sure they can clear the windscreen

Servicing – ensure that the service schedule is up to date, and consider how many miles are likely to be covered on holiday – it may be sensible to have a service slightly early

Water and snacks – drivers should always carry drinking water and high energy healthy snacks, in case the worst should happen and they are stuck at the roadside for any length of time

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “It’s natural that in this heatwave, air conditioning is top of mind for many drivers.  However, with so many holidaymakers relying on their cars to get them to their holiday destination, it’s vital that they remember to check other areas of their cars as well.  If anybody is concerned about anything on their car but is unsure whether it is a problem, they can pop into any Kwik Fit centre and our expert team will check it for them.”

Irrespective of the weather, Kwik Fit recommends that drivers have their air conditioning recharged every two years as the refrigerant gas escapes the system over time.  Drivers can book their car into their nearest centre at

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