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Experts reveal the PERFECT electric car to celebrate World EV Day

Experts reveal the PERFECT electric car to celebrate World EV Day

A QUANTUM LEAP in EV adoption is closer than ever - and the car that would accelerate the big breakthrough for electric vehicles is revealed today.

To celebrate World EV Day, experts at Autovia - the motoring content hub which includes Auto Express, drivingelectric, Carbuyer, Carthrottle and evo - have revealed ‘The EV-21, a concept car that ticks every motorist's box.

The Autovia EV-21 is a hypothetical battery electric vehicle that blends the best qualities of today's existing evs in one car, to prove that the EV breakthrough is already within reach.

Performance, practicality and affordability will be essential qualities to win over hard-nosed motorists to any new model - especially when it's an electric car. But Autovia's specialists say that all essential mass market breakthrough qualities have been achieved across the rapidly expanding range of evs already on Britain's roads.

Now the challenge for designers and engineers is to combine enough existing 'best in class' EV features to create a car that inspires even the most reluctant adopters to take the plunge.

To illustrate how close the EV industry already is to mass motoring adoption Autovia has unveiled The EV-21 - based on existing cars from MG, Lexus, Audi, Porsche, Citroen, BMW, Honda, Mercedes, MINI and Vauxhall.

Every feature of the hypothetical 'Autovia EV-21 is based on motorist opinion captured in Autovia's annual Driver Power survey of car ownership experience, data on the interests and priorities of millions of readers of Auto Express and the specialist drivingelectric website - plus the expert opinions of the company's own specialist writers.

Autovia Editor-in-Chief, Steve Fowler, said: "Revealing our own perfect electric vehicle by combining the very best of existing evs into one hypothetical car is the best way to illustrate that the final breakthrough for evs is closer than many people realise.

"We considered every aspect that people love about the best evs in today's market, from price or running costs, through charging speed and range, to practicality, comfort and the type of technological gizmos in the car.

"It reveals that most of the perceived problems that hold people back from taking the plunge with an EV have already been solved and that the next step is to unify all of those solutions in the next generation of evs.

"We are confident that this will happen sooner than many people believe and our imagined perfect EV will not remain hypothetical for very long."

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