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Citroën finds comfort is key in reducing road rage risks

Citroën finds comfort is key in reducing road rage risks

A new study by Citroën UK has revealed that 40% of UK drivers believe that comfort is key to avoiding road rage while driving. In the study of 2,000 UK motorists***, a staggering 62% admit to having experienced road rage themselves, and 47% say they have been a victim of another drivers' road rage.

The research found that being cut off on the road by other drivers is the main cause of road rage for almost 50% of drivers, while other traits which were found to commonly cause anger included being over-taken inappropriately (39%) and drivers failing to indicate (37%).

The research comes as virtually all lockdown restrictions have been removed in England from today, with further lifting in Scotland as well as other planned easing in Wales and Northern Ireland in the coming weeks. With this in mind, Citroën aims to provide passengers with the means to travel freely, whether that be to visit friends and family, or to take trips around the UK, with the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme providing drivers that added calm and serenity on much busier, (post lockdown) roads.

City and town centres are the environment that drivers struggle to keep their cool in most, with 37% saying this was the setting that they found road rage occurred most commonly, whilst tackling roundabouts (29%) and driving on motorways (25%) were also noted as regular hot spots for anger. For those looking to vent their anger, beeping the horn is the way over half of drivers (55%) commonly express their irritation, while 51% admit to regularly turning to cursing or swearing at fellow drivers while experiencing road rage.

New  Citroën C3 Aircross SUV is designed with serenity and wellbeing in mind, providing drivers with the optimum comfort required to reduce the risk of road rage. Available with Citroën's Advanced Comfort® seats*, New Citroën C3 Aircross SUV provides  welcoming comfort with seats that feature an extra 15mm of foam that is immediately apparent upon taking a seat and is akin to a mattress topper. For longer and more dynamic trips the seats provide optimum comfort through the combination of a high-density sheet in the centre of the seat and thicker, structured foam. Comfort and serenity is further enhanced through the fitment of LED headlights for improved visibility whilst at the same time New C3 Aircross SUV retains the raised and commanding driving position and large glazed area to increase the sense of space on-board.

With an updated design, New Citroën C3 Aircross SUV certainly stands out from the crowd with 70 combinations available through a choice of body and roof colours as well as colour packs and wheel options. For added peace of mind a host of technological features are available to assist the driver, these include an optional Blind Spot Monitoring and Park Assist ‘self park’ system as well as an optional colour head up display and a top rear vision reversing camera* all designed to increase serenity on-board.

Eurig Druce, Managing Director of Citroën UK said: "Aggravated drivers are often at risk of causing harm to themselves and fellow drivers on the road. With 62% of drivers having admitted to experiencing road rage, it is a focus for Citroën to ensure our vehicles provide the optimum environment for driver and passenger comfort. Comfort is a key factor in helping to reduce the risk of road rage, and our team go to extra lengths to ensure that models across the Citroën range, including New C3 Aircross SUV deliver just that through the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme."

Top 5 Reasons for Road Rage***

The Main Causes of Road Rage


Drivers cutting you off on the road


Being overtaken inappropriately


Drivers failing to indicate


Drivers in front stopping abruptly


Drivers using a mobile phone


Comfort for drivers and passengers is at the core of Citroën's philosophy. Alongside New Citroën C3 Aircross SUV, models across the range such as New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV and New C4 offer the latest developments in Advanced Comfort® technology, including the Citroën Advanced Comfort ® suspension system to absorb and reduce the impact of poor road surfaces on the vehicles occupants. New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid and New ë-C4 100% electric go one step further through their adoption of ‘ë-Comfort’ by offering electric driving ranges or up to 34 and 217 miles respectively. By driving an electrified vehicle customers are able to enjoy the serenity from the near-silent electric motor. By 2025 Citroën will offer an electrified variant across each model in its passenger car range, for Citroën commercial vehicles this milestone will be achieved by 2021.

For more information about Citroën Advanced Comfort®, please visit the link

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