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Automotive Transformation Group appoints Infinity as its preferred partner for world-class customer call and marketing campaign insights

Automotive Transformation Group appoints Infinity as its preferred partner for world-class customer call and marketing campaign insights

Leading provider of automotive solutions, Automotive Transformation Group, has announced a new partnership with global call intelligence and speech analytics platform, Infinity – further reinforcing the efficiencies and cost-savings available to its customers as part of its world-class omnichannel sales offering. 

Today, as the cost of living and therefore running a business is brought sharply into focus, being able to track the reach and results of marketing campaign spend has become paramount. Facilitating access to highly valuable customer insights across the vehicle purchasing journey, the new partnership enables Automotive Transformation Group customers to extract maximum value from an omnichannel sales solution, crucially assess key data and use it to benefit future promotions. 

Infinity's intelligent analytics platform provides end-to-end insight for consumer phone calls, tracking the user journey before, during and after the calls to highlight where a lead has come from, optimising use of key marketing channels and spend. 

Through keyword identification and detailed analysis of a user landing page, the Infinity platform pinpoints the channels that consumers have travelled from, and which web pages generated call interest. With a fully integrated approach also connecting offline and digital activity through trackable phone numbers, the platform provides the intelligence needed to optimise an organisation's marketing strategy and associated costs for specific products. 

Secure analysis of in-call content is also conducted via the innovative platform, with speech recognition and machine-learning technology providing insight into conversations and highlighting topics at the core of the buyer's enquiry. 

Insight generated throughout the journey can be integrated into further marketing campaigns or customer relationship management systems. The dynamic solution enables customers to generate a comprehensive consumer profile for future interaction, and to optimise business operations and investments, with the platform's insights recently facilitating a 63.8% reduction in the cost per action for an Infinity client in the automotive industry. 

Tim Smith, Chief Revenue Officer, Automotive Transformation Group, said, "Developing a comprehensive understanding of how consumers interact with digital and offline channels is critical to generating a successful sales and marketing strategy. Our partnership with Infinity will allow our customers to obtain the end-to-end data and insights needed to enhance the efficiency of their operations, manage their resources effectively and work even smarter to secure more sales as cost-effectively as possible in an increasingly competitive market." 

Matt Whiteway, Chief Commercial Officer, Infinity added, "We are delighted to be partnering with such a prestigious name in the automotive world, bringing our class-leading marketing technology to Automotive Transformation Group customers. At Infinity, we pride ourselves in the level of service, quality of data and diversity of our product roadmap, as well as our customer success team. We look forward to working with Automotive Transformation Group customers around the world."

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