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Benefits at a glance

✓ Stay informed

Quick access to your contract details and data

✓ Manage Claims

Submit damage reports quickly for faster approval

✓ Seamless booking

Book tyre, glass, and vehicle services or apply for your vehicle’s travel documents

✓ Track mileage

Automatically track and log your mileage, and submit to your fleet manager without hassle

✓ GPS locator

Save time and mileage finding petrol stations, charging points and repair centres

✓ Daily checklist

A mandatory daily guide for Light Commercial Vehicle drivers to check before each journey

Key tools and functions

Damage Management

If an accident does happen, the AlphaGuide app can give you the help you need, wherever you are. You can complete a fast and straightforward on-site damage assessment, allowing you to report the damage with photo evidence in just a few simple steps. Should you need to make a claim, AlphaGuide will put you in touch with our experienced team on the Alphabet Driver Helpline, around the clock.

Mileage Tracker

With the AlphaGuide app's mileage tracker, you can stay on top of how far you've driven and ensure you stay within your contract's maximum mileage allowance. It also gives you a simple and comprehensive report of your mileage for the relevant tax authorities.

MOT and Maintenance, Repairs and Servicing

The AlphaGuide app will help you take care of your vehicle, with reminders to book it in for servicing or to arrange your MOT. It'll even show you the nearest approved centres, petrol stations and charging points - and the fastest route to take.

Help and advice

You can find answers to common questions in our Help section, including what to do in case of accident or breakdown, guidance on a variety of topics from taking your vehicle abroad to seasonal driving, our Benefit In Kind calculator, and a one-click hotline in case you need to speak to us about anything else.

Need help setting up?

Download our quick start guide to get the most out of the Alphabet App.

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