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Operating lease

for a carefree fleet financing

Calculable expenditure

An operating lease from Alphabet offers your company stable financial conditions that have a positive effect on your equity ratio. A fixed monthly amount covers all your costs, and Alphabet takes on the risk of additional costs caused by unforeseen events. Additional services such as servicing, maintenance, tyre changing or insurance can also be integrated in the monthly lease fee payments.


At the start of the lease, we determine the conditions and the maximum mileage in accordance with your needs. We then use this basis to calculate the depreciation in the vehicle’s value across the lease period and define the contractual lease fee. The fixed monthly amount simplifies your budget planning, helping you to save valuable time and reduce your risk. The monthly amount covers all of your costs with no final payment on expiry thanks to the closed-end lease.

Benefits from

a positive effect on your capital

This lease model from Alphabet means that your leasing costs will be booked as operating costs and will therefore be tax deductible. As a result, these costs will have no influence on your working capital. This helps to boost your equity ratio, which is an attractive feature for potential investors. Furthermore, you can integrate a range of additional services in your operating lease, such as claims management, fuel cards and much more.

The best possible conditions

  • A leasing model with no hidden costs
  • No residual value risk
  • Closed-end lease with regard to servicing, repair, tyres and insurance
  • Leasing costs are operating costs and therefore tax deductible
  • No impact on equity ratio
  • The fixed monthly amount simplifies budget planning


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