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Frequently asked quesitons


How are my costs billed?

You will receive a monthly invoice to settle the monthly lease fee payments, which can be made using the enclosed payment slip. 
If you would like to settle the monthly lease fee payment by direct debit, please contact your personal customer consultant, who will then send you the required documents. 

When are the invoices posted?

The monthly invoices for settling the lease fee payments are sent on the twentieth of each month; any forwarded billed costs are invoiced at the end of each month. 

How can I change my billing address?

Please contact your personal customer consultant in case of any changes, who will implement any changes directly. 

Why is the vehicle still stated on the monthly invoice? The lease agreement has already terminated.

The first payment is always due in the month following the start of the lease agreement. That is why you pay for the started first and last month. Example: Beginning of the agreement: 15.07.2012. Termination of the agreement: 14.07.2014. The first payment was made on 01.08.2012. The period between 15.07. and 31.07.2012 is therefore settled as part of the last payment (01.07. to 14.07.2014). The advantage is that you pay the same monthly amount throughout the entire term of the lease agreement.


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