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Those who travel with their company car on a daily basis will from time to time also be required to settle costs for fuel, services, road charges and other invoices. Wherever possible, these costs are charged directly to Alphabet and the drivers of Alphabet vehicles do not have to worry any further about settling the bills. In exceptional cases, however, drivers may still incur minor expenses. This may occur, for example, should the Alphabet Fuel & Service Card be lost or defective as well as in instances in which absolutely essential repairs or services are required abroad in order to ensure mobility.

All fuel and service costs must primarily be settled using the Alphabet Fuel & Service Card. Drivers of Alphabet vehicles thus generally do not incur any cash expenses. In exceptional cases, however, a cash payment may be unavoidable. As a driver of an Alphabet vehicle, you can reclaim any costs relating to your company vehicle for which you have been required to make such a cash payment.

Here, it is important that the incurred costs can be allocated to the appropriate services. Please therefore state the relevant reason for the cash payment each time you reclaim costs.
Furthermore, a scan or a photograph of the relevant receipt or bill must be provided for each reimbursement of a cash payment. Please note that an original receipt or bill must be provided for expenses in excess of CHF 400.00. Requests for reimbursements in this amount must therefore be submitted to Alphabet by post with a form and the original receipt or bill enclosed. You can find the PDF reimbursement form for amounts in excess of CHF 400.00 under the downloads or access it directly here.

Should your Alphabet Fuel & Service Card be lost or defective, please also complete an application for a new card right away. You can access the relevant application form here.

Have you spent your private money and want to get your expenses back?

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You can now submit your claims in connection with your leased vehicle at any time via the AlphaGuide app, saving you time. 
Link your lease agreement with the app to be able to submit claims reports and claims for cash expenses using your smartphone.
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Alternatively, please correctly complete the following reimbursement application in full:

For expenses over 400 CHF please send the original copy of the receipt to Alphabet.

One file only.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt pdf xls xlsx ppt doc docx zip rar pptx.


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You can reach us by phone Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

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