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the full potential of electric fleet vehicles

A 360-degree perspective

AlphaElectric is the comprehensive solution for sustainable business mobility. We help you to incorporate eMobility in your existing fleet in a flexible way, supporting you from the potential analysis through the choice of electric vehicles and suitable charging infrastructure to individually selected mobility services.

An environmentally friendly way forward

As one of the fastest-growing international providers of business mobility solutions, we are fully aware of our responsibility to protect the environment and make careful use of resources. Alphabet aims to avoid, reduce and offset CO₂ emissions. We work together with you to achieve greater sustainability within your company, which in turn has a positive impact on your company image. Electric vehicles produce no emissions, thereby helping to reduce your overall CO₂ production. If you also have an environmentally friendly electricity supplier, your total CO₂ emissions will be almost zero.

Financially attractive as well

Improve your cost-effectiveness with electric vehicles

AlphaElectric not only enhances your sustainability, but also improves the cost-effectiveness and the savings potential of your company fleet. Depending on the intended use, electric vehicles can be cheaper to run than diesel or petrol ones, reducing the overall cost of your company fleet.

A comprehensive approach

AlphaElectric is a comprehensive solution that takes into account all of the important aspects when it comes to using electric vehicles as part of your company fleet. Thanks to this integrated and structured approach, you are able to easily integrate electric vehicles in your fleet.

Simple and clear

Integrating electric cars in your fleet

We determine your needs and your potential for the use of electric vehicles based on a personal consultation and, where appropriate, a GPS tracking analysis. We analyse your eMobility needs and advise you in your choice of electric vehicles. We help you to find the perfect solution for your charging stations and provide practical charging options – either at home or at your company.

Ready to go

From the evaluation phase onwards, we offer a wide range of additional driver and mobility solutions. AlphaElectric analyses your current mobility requirements and determines your electrification potential, proposing suitable electric and hybrid vehicles and presenting attractive offers in terms of charging infrastructure. Once any electric and hybrid cars have been integrated, we take care of rental cars for longer journeys and organise driver training courses as required. The AlphaGuide app can also be used to find charging stations nearby.


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