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Customer Care

Customer satisfaction is our goal.

  • Working in close cooperation with you, we provide your business with efficient and bespoke mobility solutions. In addition to having daily contact with Mobility, Customer Care Consultants and Account Managers, we also focus on the feedback we receive from you and your drivers. 
  • Through transparent communication, we make mobility management less complex. Customer feedback and complaints form an important source by which to continuously identify our customers' needs. We translate those needs into simple products and services.
  • Partners in innovation. Even after the initial implementation, we will continue to work together with you. 

Alphabet's customer approach centres on finding solutions that make fleet management as easy as possible for the customer. We do this with the help of the following tools and services:

  • Customer Feedback Research: Alphabet International measures customer satisfaction on an annual basis through international Customer Feedback Research. Each year, approximately 1,700 customers across 13 countries are questioned on their experiences with Alphabet. Each country then examines the results in detail, so that they can adjust their goals in keeping with the customer's objectives and expectations. 
  • Process survey: Surveys such as this give us the opportunity to improve specific elements of the process in question.
  • Complaints management: Any complaint received by Alphabet is handled and followed up carefully. Working together with the relevant parties, we consider what can  be improved in future and we seek out an efficient solution.