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Why Alphabet requests your feedback

Waarom uw feedback belangrijk is

As an Alphabet customer, you have undoubtedly already received a survey in your mailbox. Alphabet doesn’t simply ask for feedback, but uses it pro-actively to set to work.

Following each car delivery, or after each repair, you as a driver will receive a survey in your mailbox in which Alphabet requests an assessment. The question is simple: based on your experience, how would you recommend Alphabet to a colleague acquaintance? So it’s an extremely simple and short survey, but still one that Alphabet acquires a significant amount of information from. Naturally, for poor scores, a request for more information on what went wrong and how the experience could be improved next time is made.

‘On the one hand, by using these surveys we can see how satisfied our drivers are, while on the other we can find out what the reason is for potential dissatisfaction’, says Marc Vandenbergh, Sales & Marketing Director of Alphabet Belgium.

Net Promoter Score

In 2015 Alphabet began using surveys based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This index divides respondents into customers with a negative opinion (detractors, 0-6), customers that are simply satisfied (passives, 7-8) and customers for whom the service provision has exceeded expectations (promoters, 9-10). The difference between the promoters and detractors is what determines the final NPS score.

‘Our project group regularly gets together to see which responses we’ve received and what we can do with this feedback. We always send reports to the departments in question, so that they receive the scores in their inboxes as well. Drivers who are interested in this are contacted following the survey’, Marc Vandenbergh explains in more detail.

And it appears that this method is a success. Compared to 2015, Alphabet’s NPS score increased by 10%.

More empathy for drivers

By using these surveys Alphabet seeks to improve solidarity with drivers. ‘It goes without saying that our vehicle fleet managers are an incredibly important stakeholder, but on top of this there are drivers that require consideration as well. We don’t always have immediate contact with each driver, and this is an easy but efficient way for our drivers to provide us with feedback. On our side the procedures run smoothly and without any problem, but maybe the drivers on the other end of things are experiencing things differently. It’s for this reason that we work with the NPS’, Marc Vandenbergh comments. ‘After all, meeting expectations is not our only objective.We also seek to actually exceed them.’

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