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Leasing an LCV? 6 Reasons why you save time, money, and stress

Leasing an LCV?  6 Reasons why you save time, money, and stress

What’s the best investment: buying or leasing a light commercial vehicle? The answer to that question is easy now. Six reasons why you save time, money, and stress when you lease an LCV …

1. Because you don’t want to bother with administration and red tape. 
Your business is what it’s all about. That’s why we understand like no other that you would rather not invest your time in things that don’t really concern your customers.

Following up on your fleet, concluding insurance policies, searching for the best fuel card offers, etc. As a business owner, you’ve already got enough administration work on your plate. When you lease an LCV from Alphabet, then you can immediately tick off an entire list of worries and leave the administrative management to Alphabet. 

We can even go a step further. Would you like to be able to get winter tyres on your LCV or entire fleet without having to arrange everything yourself? Do you prefer not to lose time at the carwash or waiting on maintenance work at the garage? Alphabet has the expertise to take all your cares away. 

2. An LCV that feels right. Literally and figuratively.
A light commercial vehicle should be just like your work clothes. Tailor-made, safe, and comfortable to use, with the right kind of storage options.

That’s why Alphabet can turn your LCV into a true workshop on wheels. And we do it all according to your wishes.

Do you need a side door, roof vent, safety locks, low-maintenance interior, additional lighting, or a specific storage system for your equipment? Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, or carpenter, or have another job which requires a fully customised LCV: we only work with conversion companies that speak your language and understand your needs. Alphabet guarantees that you will get every LCV you need, no matter how complex the combination, on time.

Ford Transit

3. Your customers are selective. And you can be too.
At Alphabet, you can always choose from a wide range of light commercial vehicles, from the budget-friendly Dacia Dokker to a fully equipped Volkswagen Crafter, or from a versatile Citroën Jumpy to an iconic Ford Transit. Do you prefer to drive an electric vehicle? That’s possible too. We can adapt and convert every type of LCV to meet your needs and desires.


4. Ask for an adviser, get a co-pilot. 
The service provided by our advisers goes beyond just offering help with picking out a vehicle and the fittings. Our dedicated LCV (light commercial vehicles) team works exclusively with business owners like you. Every employee will take the time to listen to your needs and desires. It’s not routine; it’s personal. 

Light commercial vehicles are a complex subject. That’s why we’re there to help you through every phase, from converting the vehicle, maintenance, to the end of your contract and more – and our enthusiastic LCV team is at the ready with personalised advice.  

5. Say no to unexpected costs. 
When you lease from Alphabet, you know exactly how much your LCV is going to cost every month. There are no unexpected costs or unpleasant maintenance surprises. And the same applies to costs for repairing damage caused by normal wear and tear. Plus, you can always go to the garage of your choice for all your maintenance needs, without there being any administration for you or your driver. 

6. You stay mobile. Even if your LCV is broken down. 
Alphabet’s roadside assistance service is at the ready 24/7 to help with breakdowns and damage. Your time is money and your customers don’t like to wait. That’s why we guarantee fast roadside assistance and emergency repair on-site, if possible. Even when you’re working abroad.

Alphabet always has replacement (light commercial) vehicles ready to use so that you can get back on the road immediately. Your LCV will be towed for free if it breaks down.

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