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Always the best advice thanks to Alphabet

Steeds het beste advies dankzij Alphabet

Lease Company Alphabet provides its customers with the most suitable tools for optimal fleet management. The latest tool, Fleet Simulator, is a prime example of this. This tool provides companies with an overview of their fleet’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and is also capable of building the perfect fleet, resulting in reduced costs.

The number of drive types is now greater than we could ever possibly have conceived until very recently. The alternatives to diesel extend from petrol motors to cars powered by electricity. That’s exactly why putting together a company fleet and limiting TCO is no easy task.

The best advice

Alphabet has a suitable answer to this issue. Zowie Kokx, Sales & Marketing Steering Officer, explains: ‘Alphabet is increasingly profiling itself as a consultancy company. That is already a reality for our Optimal Car Policy, in which we provide a summary of the best cars in the area of fuel consumption, tax deductibility, CO2 emissions, list price and Benefit in Kind (BiK). Subsequently, in our Classification Table we additionally provide an overview of the most frequently chosen lease cars, along with their CO2 emissions.’

But Alphabet takes it even a step further. Alphabet makes its advisory role more comprehensive by using a new tool customised to each customer. ‘Our Fleet Simulator has been operational since the start of 2017. This tool provides you with an overview of your fleet’s TCO and provides you with the option of simulating your ideal vehicle fleet and calculating cost savings as well. At the same time, this tool advises you about fuel choices and drive systems when building up your vehicle fleet.’

Initiating a simulation

Contacting the Account Manager or Mobility Consultant is sufficient for getting a simulation underway: ‘By using our pioneering and all-new Fleet Simulator we are able to put a unique and perfect fleet together for every company. To do this we use the data specific to the company and its fleet. Based on this we are able to calculate what the current TCO is and how green the fleet scores. However, we take it even a step further. We can also calculate what your ideal fleet might look like as far as both TCO and environmental aspects are concerned.’

Personal parameters

It goes without saying that savings are to the advantage of the fleet manager and the company; however, drivers also stand to profit, certainly in the area of Benefit in Kind (BiK). In that way Alphabet proves that it pro-actively thinks along with its customers and drivers.

Fleet Simulator’s development took eight months, but it is now 100% operational and guarantees the creation of a fully-customised simulation. It consistently operates with a specific set of the customer’s parameters, such as, among others, contract duration and number of kilometres driven. All tax-related factors are accounted for, and maintenance costs and residual values also form key parameters. In short, by using the Fleet Simulator Alphabet sketches a comprehensive picture for you that doesn’t entail any surprises.

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