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"AlphaRent's personal service is the reason we choose them."

As a link between professionals and clients in the Construction, Infra and Oil & Gas sectors, Burdock Group places qualified specialists with leading clients. For more than 25 years, they have been helping technical specialists find a job that suits them. And quite literally so because almost all consultants are provided with a lease car. Burdock relies on AlphaRent for such cars. Administrative Assistant Mélanie Van Bosstraeten tells us more about this successful cooperation.

Burdock Group works with a permanent core of about eight employees. In addition, they offer various secondment options: from freelance to project assignments or engineering services. They currently employ around eighty technical consultants. Their fleet - which consists entirely of cars supplied by AlphaRent - fluctuates between 20 and 30 cars and is highly dependent on the number of ongoing projects.

As Administrative Assistant, Mélanie Van Bosstraeten is in close contact with AlphaRent’s people. She looks at which cars are needed and then makes the reservations.

Mélanie, in what situations do you use AlphaRent?

At Burdock Group, we don't own any cars. We choose to lease vehicles for short periods because we mainly work on a project basis. All our cars are from AlphaRent. I can therefore say that we rely on them very regularly.

We choose to lease cars for short periods because we work mainly on a project basis.


Which AlphaRent solution do you opt for most often?

We mainly use the Short Lease option. This allows us to rent a car from two months until the end of a project. It offers us the necessary flexibility and the possibility of cancelling a car without a return charge. We have also rented a car through the Rent solution before and have also had a good experience with that. It’s the ideal arrangement if a new employee only needs a car for one day to go to a job interview, for example.

How does requesting a car from AlphaRent work?

I can go to an AlphaRent employee at any time and ask for a car. You always know who is there for you and when that person goes on holiday, AlphaRent lets us know that another member of staff will take care of Burdock Group. I tell them by mail or phone which car we prefer and they immediately do whatever is necessary. For me, that personal contact is one of the greatest advantages of AlphaRent. They are thus able to act fast and deliver the requested vehicle(s) to our office or to our employees' homes. This flexibility is particularly useful when a consultant suddenly needs to be able to start working quickly.