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Alphabet delivers 1200 hybrid lease cars to i-mens

Alphabet levert 1200 dienstauto's voor i-mens, dat resoluut kiest voor hybride

This week saw the launch of i-mens. The new healthcare organisation, serving Flanders and Brussels, has 12,000 employees. It is the most comprehensive of homecare organisations - and the most innovative. It’s also quite innovative in the area of mobility, actively promoting the use of bicycles and car sharing both during and outside working hours. With 800 hybrids among the 1200 new cars supplied by mobility partners Alphabet and Toyota, i-mens also has one of the largest environmentally-friendly company fleets in Europe. The first 325 cars will be put into service by healthcare workers today.

i-mens makes a resolute choice of environmentally friendly hybrid service cars for its fleet

Sustainable mobility is central to i-mens, a cooperative venture between the not-for-profit Solidariteit voor het Gezin, Thuishulp and their home nursing partners. “In a month and a half, no fewer than 1200 new service cars for home care, including more than 800 environmentally-friendly hybrid cars, will be put into service - and the same number of more-polluting cars will be returned,” say the transition CEOs Karin Van Mossevelde and Erwin Devriendt. “It will actually be one of the largest fleets of hybrid service cars in Europe.” The new cars will be used by the nurses who travel from customer to customer every day, as well as their supervisors, who are often on the road to visit customers. i-mens has consciously chosen hybrid service cars that are partly powered by electricity and so better for the environment. All the new cars, of course, bear the i-mens logo. This will ensure that from its launch, the healthcare organisation will be immediately recognisable on the streets of Flanders and Brussels. Incidentally, the establishment of i-mens will bring down the number of kilometres driven per employee. The fact of having more customers and employees in a smaller area will serve to reduce the distance between customers. The commissioning of the 1200 service cars has been done in cooperation with mobility provider Alphabet, a specialist in new mobility. The service cars are being supplied by Toyota, a global market leader in hybrid cars.

Mobility is changing rapidly: on the one hand, cars are no longer the solution par excellence for everyone. On the other hand, we are helping our clients with the introduction of a greener fleet.


“We are proud that i-mens has once again chosen Toyota as a partner for the renewal and ‘greening’ of its company vehicle fleet. With our hybrid models, i-mens care providers can count on a reliable, sustainable and high-quality mobility solution for their trips. Hybrid technology is essential in the current context of energy transition, and is therefore the most logical choice on both an ecological and economic level,” says Michael Roosen, CEO of Toyota & Lexus BeLux.

“Mobility is changing rapidly: on the one hand, cars are no longer the solution par excellence for everyone. On the other hand, we are helping our clients with the introduction of a greener fleet. We are achieving this by offering a wide range of solutions, such as cars, bicycles, car sharing and solutions that fit a certain mobility budget. We wish to make the sometimes complex selection process as simple as possible. As such, we are helping and guiding our clients, such as i-mens, in making choices for a greener fleet,” says Marc Vandenbergh, Director of Sales & Marketing at Alphabet Belgium.

Any employee may also lease a car privately under advantageous conditions through i-mens. They have a choice of five environmentally friendly Toyota models, which again are hybrid vehicles with a combination electric and petrol engine. Vehicles with a petrol engine with low CO2 emissions are also eligible. For this programme, i-mens is collaborating with Alphabet and Toyota. Moreover, anyone wishing to buy a car as an i-mens employee will receive a substantial discount at any official Toyota dealership. This discount will vary depending on the model.

Local shared cars

Electric shared cars are available in all i-mens departments for employee service trips. Between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., these cars are used exclusively for i-mens service trips. After office hours, Cambio members (local residents) may reserve the cars for private use. This also applies to all i-mens employees, who get a free Cambio membership through their employer. Partners in this programme, apart from the car-sharing company Cambio, are charging infrastructure specialist Blue Corner and

About Alphabet

Founded in 1997 as a division of BMW Group, Alphabet has extensive knowledge of international fleet management and operational leasing. Today the company is a leading provider of business mobility, offering a wide range of mobility services, including multi-mobility, in addition to consulting and financing.

The mobility solutions that Alphabet provides are adapted to the individual needs of the end user, who wants to be able to get from point A to point B efficiently, flexibly and without any hassle. In this connection the company is leveraging all currently available mobility solutions, such as public transport, long and short-term leasing, shared cars, scooters and bicycles, combining these within the user’s mobility budget. By making available the right mobility solution for each user, Alphabet aims to make a positive contribution to better mobility.

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