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Alphabet Belgium hits the 50,000 vehicle milestone

Alphabet Belgium bereikt kaap van 50.000 wagens

Aartselaar, January 10th 2018 - Alphabet Belgium put its 50,000th vehicle on the road the past year. In so doing, the leasing company has reached an important milestone in its history and is strengthening its position on the market.

Since its foundation, Alphabet Belgium has evolved from an operational leasing company to a business mobility provider. The key element in this regard is innovation, as it is a critical factor for meeting current needs in an ever-changing mobility market. Last year, innovation was also a significant focal point in operations. This can be seen in, among other things, Alphabet’s latest B2E offer, which allows Alphabet to address a brand new target group by entering into a contract directly with its customers’ employees, and AlphaFlex, with which companies can effortlessly offer multimobility to their employees.

In addition, Alphabet continues to take important steps in the transition towards a greener vehicle fleet. Alphabet offers sustainable mobility solutions to reduce CO2 emissions from a vehicle fleet. What’s more, the leasing company also makes various advisory tools available to its customers. The evolution towards a greener vehicle fleet is clearly noticeable in the Alphabet fleet. Although the latter continues to grow and recently celebrated a new milestone, an increasing number of companies are choosing petrol engines and alternative engines, which has also led to continued growth in the percentage of sustainable cars.

As a fast-growing company, Alphabet has taken a tremendous leap forward in hitting the 50,000 vehicle milestone; however, above all we remain a company that likes to keep moving. In 2018 for example, we will literally get all our employees moving when they participate in various sporting events for the benefit of SOS Children’s Villages among others. In this way, Alphabet motivates its employees to work on their fitness and well-being, and SOS Children’s Villages can count on Alphabet’s structural support.

About Alphabet

As one of the market leaders in corporate mobility in Europe, Alphabet helps companies manage their fleet in an efficient and sustainable manner. Alphabet was founded in 1997 as a division of BMW Group and has since acquired extensive knowledge in the field of international fleet management and operational leasing. The comprehensive service it offers includes advice as well as financing. Alphabet’s corporate mobility solutions are tailor-made to ensure that they satisfy companies’ specific requirements.

With a portfolio of 675,000 vehicles of all makes in 19 countries, it is one of the four major players on the market. In Belgium, Alphabet currently manages 50,000 vehicles, good for a place in the top three.

Its expertise and technology enable Alphabet to play a leading role in Advanced Mobility Solutions: AlphaElectric offers businesses extensive eMobility solutions, AlphaCity provides a cost-saving Corporate Car Sharing arrangement and AlphaFlex allows companies to integrate a mobility budget.


For further information, please contact: Kirsten Major, Press relations, Alphabet Belgium on 03 459 59 74, .

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